Free Bystanders’ Effect Essay

The social psychological concept of the bystanders’ effect is more important in a community. The concept has been confirmed to happen due to factors of diffusion of responsibility,social influence, audience inhibition and overall lack of sense community. The diffusion of responsibility can happen onlookers witness an emergency situation and fail to intervene as a result of placing the responsibility on other onlookers, and believing other bystanders will intervene and aid (,2002).


New York Times reported a story of a young woman who was stabbed and died in the middle of the street of a particular street in a section of New York City. The public failed to assist the woman although there were more than 38 witnesses. Such cases of murders were rare but the incident received little public attention. It was only when the New York Times covered it when that public paid attention. There were about 38 witnesses yet no one took action. (Manning, 2007).

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MAT 222 Intermediate Algebra Assignment

Solve parts a, b, and c of problem 103 on page 605 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra.

a) Find the capsize screening value for the Tartan 4100, which has a displacement of 23,245 pounds and a beam of 13.5 feet.

b) Solve this formula for d.

c) The accompanying graph shows C in terms of d for the Tartan 4100 (b = 13.5). For what displacement is the Tartan 4100 safe for ocean sailing?

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Role of Women and Blacks in the Civil War Essay

This example essay paper discusses the role of women and blacks in the civil war

The civil war in the United States of America broke out in 1861 with an attempt to protect the Union but ended up as a combat to end black slavery. This combat for freedom many would argue was accomplished by the black slaves rendered (Voegeli & Vogeli,1967).Though open to debate, it is undisputed that the blacks did fight for their liberty. From fighting in the background as the war raged on to putting their lives in danger at the battle fields, blacks were crucial to the conquest by the North.

Slave owners in the South created stricter laws to deal with their slaves, pushing their farms and ranches inland to elude contact with the Northerners. These stricter laws led to mass escape by the slaves and demand for liberty by the remaining. The blacks acquired some control in the circumstances, compelling the bosses to start paying for the labor services rendered (Voegeli & Vogeli,1967).

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Viktor Frankl Essay Paper

Viktor Frankl Sample Essay Paper

This paper is going to discuss on the profession made by Viktor Frankl. According to this profession, Viktor has been influenced by both psychoanalysis and existentialism and not Marxism. In this case, the existentialism that Viktor talks of refers to a philosophical movement that is directed or oriented toward two main themes. These themes are the centrality of human choice and the analysis of human existence. According to existentialism, it goes that a person can define his meaning of life or his own value as full of peace. In addition, the philosophy argues that one has a freedom of choosing his or her own path (Joyce, 2011).

Therefore, in existentialism, it is true that a person has the freedom of making his or her own choices. It is out of this freedom that responsibility, authenticity and individuality come in. so that a person can get a given amount of individuality, and he or she must possess a given amount of freedom so that he or she can think in a manner that is conducive to his or her way of life. Existentialism is in other words the essence of humanity. It is something that makes us distinct from anything or anyone else in the world. According to Merriam-Webster, freedom is defined as a state in which a person is free or is at liberty rather than being under physical restraint or confinement. It refers to the state or the quality of being free. It can also be said to be the absence of constraint, necessity, coercion in action or choice. Similarly, it can refer to liberation from restraint or slavery or from power of another person (Frankl, 2006).

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Paralegal Recruitment Research Paper

Sample Paralegal Recruitment Research Paper

According to Harper (2010), a paralegal can be defined as an individual who is qualified through his education and training to perform legal obligations in a lawyer’s office or public institution. This paper seeks to outline some of the strategies I am going to use in finding a suitable replacement for this position which I previously held and now have to leave because of a promotion as the Executive Legal Secretary. The major areas of evaluation included for this paper will be: (1) job analysis and job description; (2) replacement plan; (3) selection strategy plan; (4) compensation package; (5) compensation appraisal system; and (6) training development plan

Paralegal Assistants (or simply Paralegals) mostly work for law firms, government agencies, and corporate legal departments. They do a variety of tasks to support the lawyers. They conduct legal research, draft documents, and organize and maintain files (Corinthians Colleges, n. d). Interviewing clients, witnesses, and conduct legal investigations are also part of the job description. The specific tasks vary depending on the size of the office, the type of law the firm practices, and the amount of experience the paralegal has. Even though they gain a great deal of knowledge in the law, they are not authorized to give legal advice (Cabrera, n. d).

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